Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies such as broken teeth, failed restorations, injured soft tissues or lips, etc., can put you in a state of panic. Reaching out to your dentist at the earliest is of prime importance in such situations. We will arrange for an emergency visit and ensure you get the best care at the earliest.

What are common dental emergencies?

  • Broken teeth: Sustaining an external oral injury, an accident, a bad fall, or a sports-related incident are the most common causes of a broken tooth. The condition can be excruciating and may result in bleeding. Rinse the mouth with water and use a clean piece of gauze to control the bleeding. You may also use a cold pack to apply pressure on the injured area to reduce the swelling. Call us immediately so that we can stay prepared when you arrive.
  • Avulsed tooth: An avulsed tooth is one that has been completely uprooted from the jawbone socket. The blood vessels and nerves within and around the tooth will be disturbed, which can cause severe bleeding and pain. If you find the tooth, pick it up using only the tooth crown and rinse it with clean water. Please place it in a jar of milk so that you can bring it along while visiting the dentist. If you reach our practice within an hour of the incident, the dentist may be able to put the tooth back in its socket to re-attach in place. Meanwhile, use a clean piece of gauze to control the bleeding.
  • Failed restoration:In some instances, ceramic restorations may fall off due to wear when they have stayed on the teeth for a few years. This may expose the underlying tooth structure to the microbes in the mouth and potentially cause an infection. Hence, the restoration has to be replaced with a new one as soon as possible to prevent any complications in the future.
  • Injured soft tissues: When the soft inner lining of the mouth is cut or bruised, it is best to get the injury treated by a dentist. While you visit the dentist, control the bleeding using a piece of gauze, and avoid touching the injured area with your bare hands.

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