Tooth Sensitivity Treatments

Tooth Sensitivity Treatments

Posted by Dr.Lee on Jan 11 2022, 10:00 PM

Have you ever felt a temporary, sharp pain after having an ice cream or a cup of hot coffee? One of the many reasons you may be experiencing such pain could be tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity causes sudden, sharp pain felt in the root of the tooth. It can affect one or several teeth and can range from mild to severe.

Dr. Lee at Downtown Concord Dental in Concord, California, can help you address your tooth sensitivity issues with focussed attention and care.

What Is Tooth Sensitivity?

Dentin hypersensitivity, commonly known as tooth sensitivity, is acute and transitory pain. Dentin is the calcified tissue that contains thousands of dentinal tubules protected by the enamel. Receding gums expose the dentin and dentinal tubules allowing stimuli to reach the nerve of the tooth, which results in pain.

Factors Causing Tooth Sensitivity

  • Gingival recession: Loss of gum tissue causes the roots of the teeth to become exposed.
  • Brushing too hard: Hard toothbrush bristles or vigorous brushing can wear down the enamel and expose the dentin.
  • Bacteria in the mouth:Bacteria cause plaque and tartar to build up and may cause tooth sensitivity. 
  • Acidic food:Foods with high acidic content may cause enamel abrasion. Stomach disorders can also cause acid reflux and wear down the teeth over time.
  • Dental treatments:Dental procedures like teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and root planing may cause sensitivity. 

Diagnosing Teeth Sensitivity

The dentist will examine your teeth and take X-rays as required to help determine if tooth decay or nerve problems are causing your tooth sensitivity.

Treatment for Tooth Sensitivity

After the diagnosis, the dentist may recommend:

  • Fluoride treatment: Fluoride in the form of gel, foam, or rinse is applied to the sensitive areas to protect and strengthen the enamel. 
  • Gum tissue graft: If you have lost gum tissue, the exposed roots can be covered by grafting tissue from other parts of the mouth. 
  • Root canal: This treatment is recommended for tooth sensitivity caused by dental pulp infections. 

What Can You Do to Prevent and Manage Sensitivity?

  • Maintain good oral hygiene
  • Avoid forceful brushing and chewing and grinding your teeth
  • Use desensitizing toothpaste

The pain you feel because of sensitivity may be temporary but it may also be due to issues like periodontitis, gingivitis, and caries. Regular dental checkups and proper oral hygiene can help manage tooth sensitivity.

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