National Brush Day 2015

National Brush Day 2015

Posted by Dr.Lee on Nov 2 2015, 08:15 AM

Today is #NatlBrushDay! Celebrate healthy teeth, brush w/your kids for #2min2x.

Parents are also encouraged to visit the campaign website,, where parents and children can watch entertaining videos – all two minutes in length – while brushing their teeth. Campaign media partners, including Cartoon Network and myKaZootv, donated snippets of videos for the site.

Halloween is the perfect time to get serious about your kids’ oral health. Celebrate National Brush Day by pledging to help your kids brush for 2 minutes, twice a day EVERY day! What better time to celebrate National Brush Day 2015 than the day after Halloween?

Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease in the U.S. Despite the high rates or oral disease in children, surveys reveal that parents perceive their children’s dental health as a low priority compared to other issues such as school safety and nutrition. Parents are encouraged to participate in the campaign through digital media. To take part in National Brush Day, parents can join the Kids’ Healthy Mouths communities and share new campaign images on Facebook and Twitter.

National Brush Day. As it is part of the Kids’ Healthy Mouths campaign, a national initiative launched by The Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives and the Ad Council in 2012. It aims to help parents and caregivers understand why poor dental health can have serious consequences, and about simple ways in which they can help improve their children’s oral health and prevent dental disease. National Brush Day promotes improving the nation’s children’s oral health by supplying parents with simple information on when to start various levels of oral hygiene with their kids.

Join us and make sure that your kids are brushing away those Halloween treats! #2min2x. Celebrate National Brush Day by encouraging your kids to brush for 2min2x. Tricks aren’t just for Halloween. Visit for clever ways to get your kids brushing for 2 full minutes, twice a day. Do your kids love sour candies? If so, you might want to make extra sure they’re brushing #2min2x. The day after Halloween is #NatlBrushDay! Celebrate by pledging to make sure your kids are brushing their teeth #2min2x a day!

National Brush Day is observed annually on November 1st. Sometimes referred to as National Brush Your Teeth Day, National Brush Day is a reminder to all individuals to follow the American Dental Associations guidelines. The day follows Halloween, which traditionally is the single largest day of candy consumption in the USA. The simply act of brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes can have a significant impact on cavity prevention as well as a myriad of oral diseases such as gingivitis. National Brush Day began in 2013 as an extension of the Kids’ Healthy Mouths public service advertising (PSA) campaign by The Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives. The coalition of more than 35 leading oral health organizations and the Ad Council launched the campaign in August 2012. National Brush Day is designed to remind and encourage parents to get their kids brushing their teeth for just two minutes, twice a day.

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