Dental Health Tips for Summertime 2016 from Downtown Concord Dental

Dental Health Tips for Summertime 2016 from Downtown Concord Dental

Posted by Dr. Lee on Jun 22 2016, 06:22 AM

Here are some great tips to follow for the well-being of your dental health while having a lot of fun this summer.

During the summer, it’s all too easy to slack off and not take care of your teeth. Of course, you should always follow your typical oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing regularly, no matter what life throws at you! Summertime holidays are approaching and many of us will be thinking about treating ourselves to a well-deserved luxury break. There’s nothing worse than having a relaxing getaway interrupted by a sudden bout of illness. It is important that we know the potential risks to our dental health during this time so that something as easily preventative as a toothache doesn’t ruin our holiday celebrations.

Dr. Lee believes these simple tips that allow you to still enjoy some of summertime’s tempting treats while taking good care of your dental health – and your body too!

Water is the number one drink choice. It promotes saliva formation and helps rinse acid and bacteria that form in your mouth. Sugar and bacteria combine to form this acid that attacks the teeth and causes tooth decay.

1. Sip with a straw. If your child does choose a sugary beverage such as soda, drinking with a straw helps keep the sugar away from the teeth. Also drink it in one sitting, with a meal. If you sip a soda all day, the sugar stays in your mouth and promotes decay. Acid attacks the teeth with every sip of soda or sugary beverage, so follow with plenty of water to rinse your mouth.

2. Beware of sporting injuries. Briefly touch on in a past blog post, oral sporting injuries are a common occurrence, and especially prevalent during the holiday period. Lost or cracked teeth when diving into swimming pools is a common one, as is the impact of a ball or bat to the mouth. Accidents happen and unfortunately, there’s not much you can to do prevent them but simply being aware of the potential dangers will perhaps make you think twice when taking part in activities.

4. Sweet senses! It can be tough to pass up the candy at the snack shack. Dr. Lee suggests moderation is the key. If you do have a treat, consider a chocolate bar or ice-cream sandwich eaten in one sitting, instead of a pack of sticky candies such as licorice, starbursts, or Laffy taffy eaten throughout the day, which create multiple acid attacks on your teeth with every bite. If possible, stick to popcorn and pretzels, as they also encourage saliva formation that will help rinse your mouth.

5. Pack protein! Dr. Lee suggests, “Protein is an excellent buffer against acid, so packing nuts, cheeses, and turkey sandwiches are a great way to counteract the not-so-healthy choices kids make.” The same is true for fruits and vegetables that have high water content. Apples, pears, and celery are excellent choices to help rinse bacteria from your mouth.

6. Protect your lips while basking in the sun, many of us will sensibly apply suntan lotion to protect ourselves against the sun’s rays, in a bid to help prevent such diseases as skin cancer but what many people fail to realize is the importance of protecting our lips. With the skin on our lips being thin and particularly vulnerable due to the lack of melanin, shielding our lips from the sun on holiday is essential as prolonged exposure could lead to forms of oral cancer.

7. Chew Away! Chewing is good for your mouth and your teeth. If you have a sugary snack, combine it with a meal and drink plenty of water. Dr. Lee also suggests chewing sugarless gum to promote saliva, which helps rinse the mouth.

8. Dry out your brush, a brush that stays wet breeds bacteria. If you can, take your toothbrush out of its travel case as soon as you reach your destination. Standing your brush upright in a cup will allow the water to drain away from the bristles. (Just make sure it’s not kept where the maid could knock it into the toilet!) If you’re traveling by car, you might let your brush air out on the dash. Take your toothbrush out of its travel container as soon as you get home.

From porcelain veneers and tooth whitening to gum contouring and composite bonding, we have a treatment option to fit your individual dental issues. We can combine several cosmetic dentistry options for a complete smile makeover to help you attain your ideal smile. If you’re looking for a dental office with an experienced dentist, a caring and competent staff, you can trust Downtown Concord Dental.

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